With 23 years of experience, Retention Solutions Pro has perfected the ins and outs of holding onto top talent within small- to medium-sized companies. Their team discovered loyalty was usually earned through a comprehensive and wide-reaching employee benefits package. In fact, 86 percent of employees making under $50k annually say that a benefits package is important when sticking with an employer.

With companies experiencing more and more turnover, the experts at Retention Solutions Pro saw a solution. These days, it simply isn’t enough to offer the average salary in your area and skimp on the employee benefits package. As healthcare costs rise, and as the unpredictability of healthcare legislation continues, employees are searching for a stable, secure job that will provide for both their financial and medical needs. In fact, 39 percent of employees surveyed said that they would stay in their current role if their benefits increased. If your company were to offer this security, your employee retention would likely skyrocket.

Retention Solutions Pro was created to help. Your business cannot survive without employees, and employees will never perform at their best unless they feel fairly compensated and protected. The team at Retention Solutions Pro bridges that gap with your best interests in mind. Reach out today to learn more about the available employee benefits programs, as well as the potential benefits to your business.

About Mike Sardo

Mike Sardo is a District Coordinator with Aflac, where he oversees a team of sales and service agents with the goal of helping small- to medium-size businesses, organizations, and governmental entities improve employee benefits offerings with the end goal of improving employee retention, recruiting, and morale.

Mike has a background in starting and selling (4), as well as buying and selling (2) businesses in a variety of niche markets in the sub $5MM revenue arena.

Mike enjoys lake-oriented construction projects, including floating dock construction and repairs and building metal stairways that traverse vertical cliff faces. He also serves as a director for the Bandera Youth Sports Complex and Bandera Youth Soccer Organization where he coaches his children’s soccer team.

From the Odd Facts file, he has co-authored two books on sport-specific physical conditioning, and he spent two years developing automated stock and commodity trading algorithms.