When you’re trying to find a job, your goal is to find a company where you not only enjoy the work that you are doing, but you also enjoy the environment that you work in. After all, you will most likely be spending 40 or more hours at the office each week. As an employer, you want to be able to provide a good work environment to your employees and be able to advertise that people enjoy working for you when it comes time to hire new people. For this reason, it’s important to understand what exactly employees are looking for in a good company.

There are two things that stand out when employees are surveyed about what they look for in a company:

  1. Friendship with coworkers. This can be a difficult concept to grasp. Some people go into work every day and focus on the job at hand, while others may take a few minutes to socialize with the people around them. However, for those that value the relationships that they have within a company, good or bad coworkers can make or break their experience. With that in mind, it’s also important to understand, as the employer, that some people are different than you are. They may have a different mindset or they may simply be fundamentally different in a variety of ways. Their values might not be the same as yours or there might be things that motivate your employees that might not have an effect on you. Once you realize this, it can be helpful to try and get in touch with the mindset of your employees in order to be more effective at your endeavor to create a more inviting work environment.
  2. An employer who cares. This concept is huge in the category of companies with 50 or fewer employees. People that are interested in working for smaller companies are more centered around knowing that their employer cares about them. How can a company express that they care about their workforce? The answer is through employee benefits programs and events outside of work. Throw a BBQ for lunch one day, invite everyone to your lake house for the afternoon, or hand out some $50 gift cards to the local grocery store in front of a three-day weekend. These perks go a long way for the cost. On a grander scale, making insurance benefits available to your employees can provide a lot of bang for the buck (many can be offered at no cost to the company). This concept goes back to being in touch with your employee’s financial needs and mindset. 65 percent of employees nationwide do not have $1,000 set aside for an unexpected medical event, so the simple act of making sure your crew has access to programs that can help if they do run into an unexpected event can go a long way toward making sure they know you care!

In addition to creating a healthy and enjoyable work environment, it’s vital that you also provide your employees with company benefits that meet their needs. It can be difficult to find an employee benefit program that you can afford that also gives your employees the necessary coverage, but with help from Retention Solutions Pro, we can help you find an employee benefit plan that works for everyone. Browse our website to learn more and contact us at 210-551-0376 to get started today!

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